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Aim of the conference

The conference draws attention to transformation of political, economic, cultural and social bilateral and multilateral relations, taking both recently and as well as in the past place between the (new) countries of European Union and Russian Federation. The research agenda includes the possibility of showing the whole spectrum of these connections, understanding them as very important factor of influence on all-European geopolitics and economy.

Therefore, the main purpose of the conference focuses on possible understanding of exact meaning of bilateral and multilateral relations between (new) Europe and Russian Federation. Expected result of such chronological and thematic analysis exposes repeatable tendencies in European eastern policy. The Subject of conference is broadened by research concerning influence of Russian and European national policies on Common Foreign and Security Policy as well as European Neighbourhood Policy and other policies of European Union.

The conference gives the answer to all-European needs. The essential aspect of relations between UE and the Russian Federation that one may presently observe in today's policy, economy, culture and social issues of (New) European states, displays basic need of presenting such a research based analysis of diverse connections between Russia and European countries.

The conference is a response to a growing educational demand, visible in European higher education systems. Under these circumstances, presenting by prospective attendees their ideas or/and results of research activities will conclude with printing of widely expected monograph, describing diverse aspects of relations of (New) European states with Russian Federation.

Through highly anticipated broad attendance of national and of other European countries origin scholars, the agenda forum should contribute to creating essential, reliable stimulation and elaboration of new prognoses' basis, research theses or opinions.

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