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Pomiń łącza nawigacji.

Aim of the conference

The thematic frames of this second international conference on (New) European-Russian relations focuses on the unusually complex, still not finished process of alternative changes in the Baltic Sea region; process initiated by liberation of Eastern Europe, recovery of sovereignty by Baltic States, the fall of Soviet Union as well as by reunification of Germany. Obviously, historical and constantly present in the region correlation between European Union states and Russia is to be considered as an extraordinary co-operation factor, that also may be seen as specific issue, generating diverse sources of conflicts.

The subject of conference should create possibility of inference about as many as possible key factors for development of European - Russian relations in the region of Baltic Sea, beginning for instance with entirely historical or politological matters, and touching transport and energetic problems.

The organizers of conference foresee the wide spectrum of research panels, which seems to be in accordance with constantly increasing demand of European higher educational system.

The historical aspect of research problem should concern lasting through ages ties and connections of Baltic Sea region countries with Russia, among others of cultural, ethnic or generally sociological character.

From politological point of view the essential analysis seems to be still not defined role of Kaliningrad Region in the Baltic Sea area, or the importance of Russia in foreign and internal policy of individual states located around the Baltic Sea.

The energetic matter, combined with consolidation, change or establishing of new networks across as well as round Baltic Sea will require profound analysis concluding also with reference to ecological questions.

In addition, the matter of transport infrastructure should introduce to our consideration question of still not completed idea of Via Baltica corridor or lack of serious alternative changes of Baltic Sea cargo carriage structure.

One should also stress that importance of influence of diverse correlations between countries of European Union of the Baltic Sea area and Russia, particularly visible in reference to New Europe states, shows us the indispensable need of continuing analysis of this matter, including in form of conference.

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