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Pomiń łącza nawigacji.

Aim of the conference

The thematic frames of this third international conference on European-Russian-foreign relations analyzes the complex process of infrastructure links with the Russian Federation. Derived importance of the issue is determined by historical as well as permanent developmental interdependence of the present member states of the European Union, Russia and neighboring countries. Coexistence with Russia is in many ways an obvious factor of diverse influences on transport, energy, and environmental policy of interested countries. This impact, however, forcing the co-operation and generating conflicts; may lead to a rapid progress, but sometimes may also be a factor of increasing degradation.

The subject of conference should create the essential basis for researching process focusing on broad spectrum of factors of key importance as far as the development of infrastructure relations with Russia concerned. It will cover historical as well as present events, phenomena of political science; but most of all the theme of conference should allow us to focus on purely energetic, transportation and ecological matters. We expect, therefore, to conduct multiple range analysis.

Historical references should take into consideration evaluation of the problem of “Russian phenomenon” in the development of transport and then energy infrastructure of European Union and neighboring Russia countries; including these states which were in the past entirely or partly part of former Russian Empire.

Political science analysis includes not fully defined, indirect and direct role of the presence of possible Russian Federation’s influences in shaping of domestic and foreign infrastructure policies of the countries concerned.

Transport theme will introduce problems of finally not completed idea of full development of the concept of (European) transportation corridors - TEN-T - as well as of describing conditions of shaping the national road, rail and air network; particularly in terms of economic ties with Russia, and of neighborhood with this country.

Energy issue will obviously be linked with evaluation of transformation of flow network leading through countries concerned and the Russian Federation itself, as well as with research on economic and geopolitical significance of these changes.

In addition, the conference should include increasingly extremely important issue of (pro)ecological ideology, politics and economy, understood as more or less significant factor of influence on the development and transformation of infrastructure network ties with Russia.

According to our best knowledge, there is no doubt that the importance and significance of the cross-correlation between transportation, energy and environmental politics is particularly evident in a number of diverse aspects of relationship between individual European Union countries, Russia and other neighboring countries. Hence by allowing us to revalue past and present experience emerges the necessity of indispensable analysis of these matters, including in a form of conference

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