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Pomiń łącza nawigacji.

Aim of the conference

The conference examines the transformation of formal relations between countries of so-called New Europe as well as other neighboring states and the Russian Federation. The aim of the conference is also to assess the information activity in the field of European-Russian relations and paralel historical policy.

These proposals should create a solid basis for reaserching a broad spectrum of key issues, extremely important in process of development of European-Russian ties of formal, information and the historical policy; including historical and contemporary official relations at various levels, the media as well as strictly informational issues, or conducting the historical policy both in Europe and Russia itself. As expected, such topics would provide a multiple range analysis of these phenomena that profoundly require further investigation.

The evaluation of formal position of the Russian case in current shaping of the international economic and political/diplomatic discourse (also with participation of the European and international organizations) is the first purpose of our conference research programme. The analysis of information policies should focus on the determinants of mass media data transmission concerning directly Russia, or related to Russia's media policy. The historical policy is to be considered as important part of development and consolidation of the European-Russian historical consciousness. Finally, one need verify the importance of ideology and socio-economic factors in the process of mutual orientation of diverse formal, information and political connections.

It is undeniable to us that during ongoing information revolution there is growing importance of cross-correlation and interdependence between the European-Russian official ties and the activity of media and politics history. In the XXI century the role of these factors for the development of relations with Russia is more important than ever in the past. Therefore there seem to occur the absolute necessity of exploring thsese research challenges.

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